Friday, October 12, 2012

Ancient Coin: Antoninus Pius and Faustina Senior, Aelia Capitolina (Jerusalem)

  • Antoninus Pius and Faustina Senior - Aelia Capitolina (Jerusalem), Judea
  • Roman Provincial (Greek Imperial)
  • Bronze AE23 (diameter in milimeters)
  • Circa 138-141
  • Obv: Antoninus Pius Laureate, draped bust right. 
  • Rev: Faustina Senior, draped bust right
  • Ref: Sear's Greek Imperial Coins 1518
  • After the Bar Kokhba revolt (132-136 AD) the Emperor Hadrian rebuilt and resettled Jersusalem as a Roman colony, renaming it "Aelia Capitolina" and even going so far as to rename the province of Judea to "Syria Palaestina". Below is the "Cardo Maximus" (photos from my trip some 9 years ago), a major north/south paved avenue, built by the Romans after the refolt. It was 22.5 meters wide running from the Damascus gate (part of that Roman gate is shown in the last photo shown below) to as of yet an unknown point somewhere under "modern" Old Jerusalem. Practically the whole way was colonnaded on either side, forming a 12 meter wide roadway. The porticos created by these colonnades was ideal for shops and shaded pedestrians from the summer heat. Antoninus Pius became Emperor after Hadrian died in 138, so the rebuilding of the city was completed during his reign. 


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